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THE SWAMP DEEPENS: New Filings by Federal Prosecutors Show the Extent of Chris Collins’ Corruption

Documents filed show that Collins’ top aides were targeted by probe; additional instances of “suspicious trading” of pharmaceutical stocks

New filings by Federal prosecutors this week underscored the depth and extent of the fraud perpetrated by Congressman Chris Collins (R-Indicted) when he illegally traded on insider information in an effort to enrich himself and his family by more than $750,000.

The filings show that the Federal probe into Collins extended to his inner circle and top aides – including both his current Chief of Staff, as well as his former Chief of Staff, who was serving as a political advisor paid by Collins’ campaign committee. Further, the filing notes that Federal investigators found evidence that individuals close to Collins were also engaged in “suspicious trading” of shares of Innate Immunotherapeutics.

This week’s revelation is yet another example of Congressman Collins’ affinity for the DC swamp. Just last week, Collins voted against H.R. 1 – the For The People Act – a sweeping set of ethics reforms that would crack down on the sort of DC corruption that Congressman Collins embodies.

Similarly, Collins infamously admitted publicly that he was supporting the GOP’s massive tax giveaway to the wealthy and big corporations because his special interest donors told him to – the same bill that’s raising taxes on New York homeowners, jacking up healthcare premiums and blowing a hole in the federal budget.

“We already knew that Congressman Collins had broken the law to enrich himself, but these filings show just how widespread the corruption was among Collins’ inner circle,” said DCCC spokesperson Mike Gwin. “Western New Yorkers deserve a representative who is going to stand up for the middle-class, not a crook like Collins who is only going to look out for himself.”


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