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“Tax Hike Mike” Ghassali Announces Intentions To Campaign Full Time, Leaving Montvale In The Dust

Montvale Mayor Is More Interested in Campaigning Than Serving His Constituents

“Tax Hike Mike” Ghassali said the quiet part out loud at his campaign launch this week:

At his event, the Mayor of Montvale said “I am committed to campaigning full time next year.” Though Mayor Ghassali is currently running to serve another term as Mayor of Montvale, he made it clear where his focus will be next year, and it’s not with the residents of the city he’s representing and hoping to continue to represent.


Mayor Ghassali, who admitted that he appreciates Congressman Gottheimer’s “commitment to support his constituents regardless of party affiliation,” should take some notes from Josh Gottheimer: public service is a full-time gig.

“Wannabe Congressman and current Mayor of Montvale, Mike Ghassali has made his intentions clear: putting politics ahead of public service,” said DCCC Spokesperson Christine Bennett. “He should reevaluate his priorities instead of seeking a promotion. The people of Montvale deserve better.”


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