#TBT: California Rep. Steve Knight tells a protester, ‘I’ll drop your ass.’ [Washington Post, 4/21/15]

Knight Was Trump Before Trump Was Trump

Today, the DCCC released its first national web video of the cycle – How did we get here? – featuring several examples of Congressional Republicans who preceded and have echoed Donald Trump’s violent rallies, birther rhetoric, and hateful words about immigrants and women.

The video highlights vulnerable California Congressman Steve Knight who one year ago threatened a resident after evading their questions.

The video also comes the day after House Republicans’ Select Panel held yet another anti-women’s health hearing – echoing Donald Trump’s suggestion that women be punished for having an abortion.

How Did We Get Here?



“Steve Knight and his extreme colleagues share the blame for the hateful rhetoric and violent behavior we see from Donald Trump,” said Barb Solish of the DCCC. “Knight can’t distance himself from Trump because he is just like him. Knight is too extreme on issues that matter, from attacking women’s health to banning refugees to standing up for the Confederate Flag.”

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