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Ted Howze’s Racism: Sponsored By David Valadao

Valadao donated $2,500 to toxic bigot Ted Howze; Valadao says nothing while other Washington Republicans condemn Howze

FEC disclosures have revealed David Valadao is bankrolling the campaign of Ted Howze, whose personal social media accounts spouted racist attacks on sitting Members of Congress, hateful words about Muslims, denigrated Dreamers by comparing them to pedophiles, and mocked a teen school shooting survivor.

While Washington Republicans are quickly backing away from their strong support of Howze, dismissing him from their main fundraising program “Young Guns” and pulling their endorsement, David Valadao has stood strong in his support for Howze.

In fact, he’s been silent about Howze’s long history of racism. In March, Valadao gave Howze – who said Muslims can’t be good American citizens and compared Dreamers to pedophiles – his endorsement and $2,500 through his leadership PAC, but Valadao has said nothing as even Washington’s worst Republicans have made it clear Ted Howze has no place running representing the Central Valley.

“Apparently calling Dreamers pedophiles isn’t enough for Ted Howze to lose David Valadao’s support.” said DCCC spokesperson Andy Orellana. “Much like his record in Washington, it’s too late to make this right. With the chance to condemn real hatred within his party, David Valadao showed the Central Valley his values match his voting record: he’s just another Trump yes-man.”




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