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Tenney Donor From Oneida County Indicted For Tax Fraud

Tenney Donor Indicted for $1 Million Tax Evasion

Claudia Tenney’s donor list gets sketchier by the quarter.

Her latest FEC report reveals she pocketed money from a businessman who was indicted…last week!

According to the Department of Justice, Tenney’s donor Dimitrios Zourdos:

“…allegedly concealed more than $1 million in cash sales from the IRS by depositing cash directly into their personal bank accounts instead of business bank accounts, providing incomplete information to their accountant, and causing their accountant to file false individual and corporate tax returns with the IRS. The indictment further alleges that the defendants committed employment tax fraud by paying employees some wages “off the books” in cash.”

In other words—tax evasion.

This comes after her numerous donations from corporate special interests and a max-out donation from a Washington businessman who was sued by Washington state over accusations of discriminating against minority employees.

“Again Claudia Tenney is caught pocketing money from unscrupulous individuals,” said DCCC Spokesperson Christine Bennett. “How can we trust her to drain the swamp when this is the company she keeps?”


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