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The Case Against April Becker

“April Becker is out of touch with Nevadans and her extremist agenda shows it. Becker wants to roll back women’s right to abortion and opposes bipartisan bills to create good paying jobs in Nevada. It’s a record that stands in stark contrast with Congresswoman Susie Lee, who has worked across party lines to solve problems and deliver results for Southern Nevada families. Becker will have her own extremism to thank when Nevadans reject her at the ballot box this November and re-elect Congresswoman Lee,” said DCCC Chairman Sean Patrick Maloney. 

To: Interested Parties
From: Johanna Warshaw, DCCC Regional Press Secretary
Date: June 14, 2022
Subject: The Case Against April Becker

Time and time again, extremist April Becker has proven that she’s out of touch with Nevada workers and families. Becker wants to block women’s ability to make their own health care decisions and opposes bipartisan bills that will create good union jobs in Nevada while investing in our roads, bridges, and clean water initiatives. As if that wasn’t extreme enough, Becker also has a long history of pushing far-right conspiracy theories and even went as far as to try to overturn her own election results in 2020.

Meanwhile, Congresswoman Lee has spent her career fighting for Nevadans and has a clear record of results. She stood up to pharmaceutical companies and voted to lower the cost of prescription drugs by allowing Medicare to negotiate prices. Congresswoman Lee also got Nevada kids back in classrooms and helped save thousands of jobs by passing COVID relief bills. And she worked across the aisle to pass the bipartisan infrastructure law that will create good paying jobs, repair Nevada’s roads and bridges, and address the urgent water crisis facing the state.

It’s a devastating match up for Becker in a district that became more favorable to Democrats post-redistricting. With Congresswoman Lee’s record of delivering for Southern Nevada and Becker’s history of backing extreme and out of touch positions, Nevadans won’t hesitate to re-elect Congresswoman Lee this November.


  • Nevada Current: Infrastructure bill means tens of thousands of high-paying NV jobs, Lee says [Nevada Current, 11/24/21]

  • Nevada Independent: Infrastructure bill: More than $4 billion headed to Nevada for roads, bridges, airports and broadband [Nevada Independent, 11/9/21]

  • Pahrump Valley Times: “Lee also said that the Build Back Better Act will lower the burdensome costs that families face every day, from child care to health care to family care and more, while also delivering the largest middle-class tax cut in a generation with the extension of the expanded Child Tax Credit.” [Pahrump Valley Times, 12/7/21]

  • Las Vegas Review Journal: Bipartisan bill aims to address doctor shortage in Nevada, elsewhere [Las Vegas Review Journal, 4/5/22]

  • Law and Crime: Nevada Judge Tosses Losing GOP Candidate’s Lawsuit, Which Sought to ‘Void’ Democratic State Senator’s Win and Re-Do Election [12/2/20]

  • Daily Beast: “[Becker] herself operates a gambling business that received over $600,000 in PPP loans in 2020 and 2021. Becker has criticized President Joe Biden for ‘socialist spending,’ referring to the $1.9 trillion, Democrat-backed American Rescue Plan that extended the pandemic loan program Becker’s businesses utilized.” [Daily Beast, 12/8/21]

  • Wall Street Journal: Becker “didn’t directly answer a question about whether she thinks Mr. Biden legitimately won the election and said she would welcome Mr. Trump’s endorsement.” [Wall Street Journal, 11/8/21]

  • Nevada Independent: Becker “cried fraud in 2020 and still won’t answer questions about whether Biden was duly elected.” [Nevada Independent, 11/14/21]


Extremist Becker Would Be A Disaster For Nevada’s Workers and Economy

April Becker’s anti-job, anti-health care, and anti-education agenda would be a disaster for Nevada’s workers and economy. Becker opposes the bipartisan infrastructure package that is projected to create tens of thousands of jobs in Nevada and provide billions for highway and bridge repairs in the state. Despite the law’s overwhelming benefits for Nevada workers and the economy, Becker stuck with her partisan allies and said no to improvements in high-speed internet, airport infrastructure, and even water infrastructure at a time when Nevada is facing a water shortage crisis.

Becker can’t be trusted to protect Nevadans’ health care and maintain critical benefits for our seniors. She is backed by the same politicians who have worked to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would rip health care away from millions of Americans and eliminate protections for pre-existing conditions. Becker has also repeatedly criticized Medicare and attacked health care in Nevada for being “controlled by the state.” With the fate of the ACA and Medicare under threat if Republicans take control of Congress, Becker can’t be trusted to stand up to her own party and defend Nevadans’ health care in Washington.

It’s a record that stands in stark contrast to Congresswoman Susie Lee, who not only opposed cuts to health care and protections for seniors in Nevada, but has spent her career fighting for workers and families across the state. Rep. Lee was instrumental in the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure law, and she led the fight to lower the cost of prescription drugsbring more doctors to Nevada, and deliver critical funds to Las Vegas classrooms.

Becker Wants to Roll Back Women’s Right to Abortion

Nevadans overwhelmingly support a woman’s right to choose and the state has a long history of enacting measures to protect that right. But that hasn’t stopped April Becker from running on a staunchly anti-abortion platform – seeking to overturn Roe v. Wade, paving the way for Republicans to pass a nationwide ban on abortion that could overturn laws already on the books in Nevada. While Congresswoman Lee has always fought to protect a woman’s right to choose, Becker is backed by extremist anti-abortion group Nevada Right to Life, which wants to make abortion illegal even in cases of rape and incest and supports the Texas abortion ban that puts bounties on anyone who helps a woman get an abortion like doctors.

With the Supreme Court set to overturn Roe v. Wade and Republicans already plotting a nationwide ban on abortion, Nevadans can’t afford to elect anti-choice April Becker.

Election Conspiracy Theorist 

Following in the footsteps of extremist MAGA Republicans, Becker sued to overturn her own election loss and spread baseless conspiracy theories about the 2020 election that fueled a deadly insurrection and sowed distrust in our nation’s elections.

After Becker lost her 2020 Nevada state senate campaign, she filed a lawsuit to “essentially nullify” and order a “re-do” of her election. Becker claimed that her 2020 election “win” was “stolen” and sued to force a new election for all races in Clark County. The suit was dismissed roughly three weeks later.

Becker similarly refused to accept the results of the 2020 presidential election, despite security officials reporting it was the most secure election in American history. It’s the same dangerous rhetoric that fueled the deadly January 6 insurrection, which resulted in the death of 5 people,  140 law enforcement officers getting injured, and sowed extreme distrust in our nation’s elections. If extremist election deniers like Becker had things their way, Nevadans’ votes could be thrown out just because they don’t like the results.


Redistricting made Nevada’s Third Congressional District more favorable to Democrats – improving Biden’s 2020 margin by 3.3 points by picking up voters in the left-leaning areas of Las Vegas. The share of registered Democrats also increased by 2.4 points in the new NV-03, giving Democrats a 7.4-point advantage in terms of party registration.

With an improved district and significant fundraising advantage, Congresswoman Lee will have no problem keeping her seat this November and continuing her work on behalf of Nevada’s workers and families.


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