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The Case Against George Santos

“Since losing in 2020, Santos has somehow become even worse for Long Island. From joining insurrectionists at the Stop the Steal rally, to praising the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe, Santos wasted no time proving voters right for rejecting him.  With Santos’ radical record and a strong Democratic candidate that far better represents their values, Long Island voters will once again make sure George Santos fails in his efforts to get to Congress,” said DCCC Chairman Sean Patrick Maloney. 

To: Interested Parties
From: Nebeyatt Betre
Date: August 24, 2022
Subject: The Case Against George Santos

There’s a reason New York’s Third Congressional District already rejected George Santos. An anti-choice extremist, defender of insurrectionists, January 6th participant, QAnon promoter, conspiracy theorist, and flat-out liar, George Santos represents some of the worst that MAGA Republicans have to offer. Coming off his failed 2020 campaign, Santos has offered no real plans to help New Yorkers. Instead, he wants to rip away women’s freedoms, protect those who attacked our democracy, and cut taxes for wealthy Americans rather than those making less.

This race is now a clear choice between Robert Zimmerman, who will be focused on delivering real results for families and workers in Long Island, and Santos, who would be a serious danger to women, families, and workers in the Third District.


While Americans watched in horror as far-right extremists – inspired by the lie that Donald Trump won the 2020 election –  stormed the Capitol, issued death threats to elected officials, and injured more than 140 police officers in a deadly riot, George Santos praised the rioters. Santos, who has spread debunked lies about “rampant fraud” in the 2020 presidential election, was at the Stop the Steal Rally on January 6th, and even claimed it “was the most amazing crowd and the President was at his full awesomeness that day.”

Yes, to Santos, Trump inspiring hundreds of far-right white nationalist conspiracy theorists to “march down to the Capitol” was “full awesomeness.”

Despite being a witness to the anti-democratic fervor of that day, Santos defended the lawmakers who voted to throw out Americans’ votes and overturn a presidential election.  Santos has made it extremely clear that he thinks it’s perfectly fine for Republicans to throw out any election results they don’t like – a dangerous stance that Long Islanders don’t share.


As millions of women grieved the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe and put their livelihoods in jeopardy, George Santos celebrated the ruling. He has proven himself to be one of the most extreme GOP candidates in New York when it comes to abortion.

Santos believes the Supreme Court acted “correctly” when they repealed Roe and stripped away Americans’ long-held right to an abortion. This ruling has already had detrimental impacts in states like Texas and Ohio, where GOP legislators have already passed extreme abortion bans without exceptions. Santos’ open support of the court’s ruling means he has no problems with states being able to pass these extreme bans that are devastating women and families across the country. And as House Democrats worked to protect women by passing the Women’s Health Protection Act, Santos called it “the most perverse bill in the history of our country.”

Not only has Santos prided himself as being “unapologetically” anti-choice, he has also admitted that he “would be in favor of” criminalizing doctors who performed abortions, and that he believed rape victims needed to have “proven police documentation” in order to receive an abortion.

Electing George Santos would bring Washington Republicans one step closer to their goal of enacting a deadly nationwide abortion ban. At a time when women in every state – especially New York – have mobilized in large numbers in defense of abortion rights, Santos’ extreme and dangerous stance makes him completely out-of-touch and unelectable.


In the face of rising costs and inflation, George Santos is more concerned with protecting the wealthiest Americans and corporations than actual working families. His defense: he’s worried billionaires will leave the United States if their tax rates are raised. Under Santos, workers and families who make less are expected to pick up the tab, because he doesn’t want the wealthy to pay their fair share.

Santos also presents a serious risk to Long Islanders’ Social Security. He insisted American’s weren’t entitled to Social Security benefits, and proposed “major reforms” to the program, including privatization.


While Santos’ extreme views are made clear, what’s less clear is his history of shady finances. As an investment banker who has experience in “financial asset management” one would think Santos would have a better understanding of reporting his finances. However, Santos failed to file a Personal Financial Disclosure (PFD) for 2021 or 2022 – something he knows is required of a congressional candidate. It begs the question: what is Santos hiding?

Santos failed to disclose any assets or money in his bank accounts on his 2020 PFD, yet loaned his campaign more than $80,000, and has continued to self-fund his 2022 campaign – including a self loan of half a million dollars in the first quarter of 2022.

More notably, Santos caught heat for his close ties to Harbor City Capital, which was accused of “operating as a ponzi scheme that ripped off investors to the tune of $6 million.” For nearly a year, Santos served as the company’s New York regional director, yet denied having any knowledge of malfeasance at the firm. Interestingly, Santos happened to leave the company just one month before the allegations landed due to his “political ambitions.”

On top of his shady personal finances and ponzi scheme ties, Santos claimed he founded and ran a nonprofit animal rescue operation called Friends Of Pets United, but no such organization was found in the IRS’ database.

Put simply: George Santos is untrustworthy, and can’t be trusted with Long Island taxpayers’ hard-earned money.


The Daily Beast: MAGA House Candidate Haunted by Gig at Reputed Ponzi Scheme | [The Daily Beast, 6/27/21] 

The candidate joined the company in the middle of his first attempt at winning Suozzi’s Long Island and Queens-based seat, in which the Republican ultimately fell short by more than 12 points. He said that he exited the company on March 1 of last year, more than a month before the SEC charges hit, after determining the job had constrained his political ambitions.

But Devolder-Santos’s campaign webpage continued to allude to him as Harbor City’s regional director at least as late as last June, two months after the allegations landed, with the site stating that he “oversees the firm’s expansion within the private wealth side of the business.”

Newsday: DCCC targets Asian American voters with abortion ad | [Newsday, 8/4/22]

Yet Santos was quoted as having a different position in September 2020 in The Island Now, concerning the kind of federal bill that pro-abortion rights Democrats fear: “If it is set down for legislation that we’re going to ban abortion in the United States and I’m given an opportunity to vote,” Santos said, “in that case, I will vote to support the ban of abortion in the United States.”


While a competitive environment, New York Third Congressional District’s new configuration, which includes part of deep blue Queens, has a long history of Democratic support and would have sent a Democrat to  Congress every year since 2014. Biden carried this district by 8.4 points while the congressional Democrat had a 10 point lead. This is a diverse district where nearly 50% of registrants over 25 hold college degrees and is poised to remain a democratic seat come this fall.

George Santos is set to experience a repeat of his brutal loss from last year as Democrats welcome Robert Zimmerman to their House majority this November.


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