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The Case Against Lauren Boebert

“Not even multiple endorsements from President Trump could save Congressman Scott Tipton from his extreme, QAnon caucus challenger. Washington Republicans should immediately disavow Lauren Boebert and her extremist, dangerous conspiracy theories. 

“Meanwhile Democrats are well positioned to compete and win this seat with our candidate Diane Mitsch Bush. She has a proven record of standing up for rural Colorado, and her commitment to lowering the cost of health care, rebuilding the economy with good-paying jobs, and protecting our natural resources is the refreshing change Colorado voters are looking for.” – DCCC Chairwoman Cheri Bustos

To: Interested Parties
From: Brooke Goren, DCCC Regional Press Secretary
Date: July 9, 2020
Subject: The Case Against Lauren Boebert

The stunning primary results in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District set up a race to watch between infamous conspiracist Lauren Boebert and working family champion Diane Mitsch Bush.

Since announcing her candidacy, Boebert has made headlines for all the wrong reasons. She has expressed support for QAnon, a baseless conspiracy theory founded in insane beliefs including that a DC pizza parlor is the center of a child sex trafficking ring, that there is a global cabal of Satan worshipers who control the government, and that mass shootings are ‘false flag’ operations, or faked.

When it comes to policy, Boebert is on the wrong side of hardworking Coloradans, clamoring for an immediate end to the Affordable Care Act – including its protections for people with pre-existing conditions – and railing against bipartisan aid packages to families and small businesses hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic. And she practices what she preaches: repeatedly putting customers and staff of her own restaurant at risk by flagrantly disobeying local health regulations.

As Roll Call put it, “While Boebert’s status as a political outsider may have benefitted her in the primary, it could be a liability come November, given her lack of experience fundraising and campaigning.” Having raised just over $125,000 during the primary, Boebert’s out-of-the-mainstream record could make her toxic to the party’s donor class.

In 2018, Diane Mitsch Bush mounted a fierce campaign in the district, coming up short by the slimmest margin of any Congressional challenger in the state – and one look at her dedication to her community shows why. As a state legislator, Mitsch Bush fought to lower health care costs for working Coloradans, increase funding for rural schools and expand job training programs for workers and veterans.

While Boebert is more focused on spreading conspiracy theories than addressing the kitchen table concerns facing hardworking families across southern and western Colorado, Diane Mitsch Bush’s track record of delivering for her community puts her in a strong position to win in November.


HEADLINE: GOP House candidate [Lauren Boebert] in Colorado is latest to be linked to QAnon conspiracy theory [Associated Press, 7/02/20]

HEADLINE: QAnon-Curious House Candidate [Lauren Boebert] Gave Her Customers Diarrhea [Daily Beast, 7/08/20]

“Some Republicans raised concerns that the political newcomer, who has been associated with an internet conspiracy theory, could put the sprawling 3rd District in western Colorado in play this fall.” [Roll Call, 7/01/20]

“By ousting a five-term Republican congressman in this week’s primary, Lauren Boebert may have handed Democrats their best shot in years at taking back Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District.” [Denver Post, 7/02/20]

“While Boebert’s status as a political outsider may have benefitted her in the primary, it could be a liability come November, given her lack of experience fundraising and campaigning.” [Roll Call, 7/01/20]

“[Democratic nominee Diane] Mitsch Bush, who has endorsements from former Sen. Mark Udall, the AFL-CIO and local leaders, says her experience will help her stand out with voters. ‘Many people in our district are struggling to make ends meet… I know what it is to live paycheck to paycheck.’” [Colorado Public Radio, 6/23/20]

Lauren Boebert: An Out-Of-The-Mainstream Conspiracist Too Extreme For Colorado


Since the coronavirus began, more than 600,000 people across Colorado have filed for unemployment assistance, struggling to make ends meet for their families. Yet instead of advocating for those hit hardest by the economic downturn, Lauren Boebert is spending her time trafficking in dangerous and false conspiracy theories.

Boebert has come under fire for her support for QAnon, a baseless conspiracy theory founded in false beliefs including that a DC pizza parlor is the center of a child sex trafficking ring, that there is a global cabal of Satan worshipers who control the government, and that mass shootings are ‘false flag’ operations, or faked.

In May, Boebert suggested that she might think the COVID-19 pandemic – which has killed more than 1,500 Coloradans – might be a “plandemic.” The term refers to a viral video promoted by QAnon groups that incorrectly claimed that a “shadowy cabal of elites was using the virus and a potential vaccine to profit and gain power.”

During an appearance on a radio show hosted by a QAnon supporter last month, Boebert said of the movement, “Everything that I’ve heard of Q, I hope that this is real, because it only means America is getting stronger and better… And so everything that I have heard of this movement is only motivating and encouraging and bringing people together stronger, and if this is real, then it could be really great for our country.”

When she’s not busy spreading conspiracy theories, Boebert has spoken out against giving economic relief to those hit hardest by the virus. She has been a vocal opponent of the bipartisan CARES Act, a coronavirus relief package signed into law by President Trump that has provided almost two billion dollars in relief to Colorado families and small businesses. She also opposes a bill supported by both Republicans and Democrats in Colorado’s delegation, which would provide additional relief funds to cities and municipalities with less than 500,000 residents, including most communities in the 3rd Congressional District.


With millions of Americans still unemployed and over a hundred thousand dead from the coronavirus, Lauren Boebert’s Washington Republican-backers are openly admitting that “their decade-long push to repeal the Affordable Care Act will hurt them” this November. After months of running on her desire to get rid of the popular health care law, a continued focus on health care will be a serious problem for Boebert’s chances.

Boebert has repeatedly doubled down on her support for repealing the Affordable Care Act, criticizing her Republican primary opponent for not moving quickly enough to get rid of the entire ACA. If Boebert gets her way, protections will be eliminated for the 308,000 people in CO-03 with pre-existing conditions, leave millions of Americans without access to critical health services, and raise prescription drug costs.

In stark contrast, Diane Mitsch Bush has made a commitment to working with anyone to lower the cost of health care and prescription drugs a centerpiece of her campaign. Never one to shy away from a tough fight, Diane isn’t afraid to hold insurance and drug companies accountable. Beholden only to the people of Colorado, she is running to protect coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, end surprise medical billing practices, allow Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices, and improve coverage for our veterans by improving the Veteran’s Administration.


Lauren Boebert’s restaurant, Shooters Grill, has made headlines for its servers openly carrying loaded guns – but the restaurant has put customers’ health and safety at risk in more ways than one.

In 2017, Boebert came under fire by the Garfield County health department for serving food at a local rodeo without a license. According to an investigation by the department, Boebert failed to comply with several health and safety regulations, leading to a widespread food poisoning outbreak caused by pork sliders she served.

Early on in the coronavirus pandemic, as local officials were working to contain the spread of the virus, Boebert defied restrictions designed to keep residents safe and kept her restaurant open to customers. After being issued a cease-and-desist order by the local sheriff, Boebert began serving inside of her restaurant “in open violation of state and county public health orders,” resulting in the suspension of her restaurant license.

This wasn’t the first time Boebert’s restaurant has put the health and safety of customers at risk. In 2017, a local health department investigation found that food served by Boebert’s business infected 80 people with a food borne illness.


Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District is a large, diverse district with people of color making up nearly 22% of the population. Before incumbent Congressman Scott Tipton took office, this district had a history of electing Democrats and Tipton’s margin of victory has dwindled in recent years. As the 2018 Democratic nominee, Diane Mitsch Bush came up short here by the slimmest margin of any district in the state. With a more out-of-the-mainstream Republican nominee in Lauren Boebert, Mitsch Bush is well-positioned to consolidate Democrats, win Independents, and moderate Republicans.

Unaffiliated voters make up over 40% of the electorate in this district, creating a large block of persuadable voters who could be turned off by Boebert’s extreme positions in a year when the presidential race is likely to drive up turnout.

With health care top of mind for voters, Lauren Boebert’s steadfast commitment to dismantling the entire Affordable Care Act – including protections for those with pre-existing conditions – will be the defining feature in this race. What’s more, Diane Mitsch Bush’s history of delivering for her community will paint a strong contrast with Boebert’s focus on conspiracy theories instead of the kitchen table issues that matter most to Colorado families.

Mitsch Bush has strong grassroots support and has raised nearly $1 million to Boebert’s paltry $133,000 for the cycle. Combine that with Mitsch Bush’s commitment to listening to hardworking Coloradans instead of Washington special interests compared to Boebert’s out-of-the-mainstream candidacy and it’s no wonder this district is looking increasingly competitive headed in November.


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