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The National Review (?!): Michelle Steel “An Unremarkable Political Insider,” “Not a Policy Wonk,” Not “An Impressive Political Talent”

Over the weekend, the flagship conservative paper wrote a “puff-piece” profiling Orange County’s most corrupt career politician, Michelle Steel.

But even the nation’s premier Republican publication could not lie to their readers on how out of her depth Michelle Steel is running for Congress – writing that Steel is “not a policy wonk…or by any means an especially impressive political talent.” But the hits keep coming:

  • “At first glance, Steel — the chair of the Orange County Board of Supervisors and wife of Shawn Steel, a former chair of the California Republican Party who presently serves on the RNC’s Executive Committee — may appear to be an unremarkable political insider who has been preparing to run for Congress her whole life.”
  • “Steel is not a policy wonk — her own campaign website contains only brief summaries of her positions on various issues — or by any means an especially impressive political talent.”

A career politician who isn’t good at policy or “by any means an especially impressive political talent” at politics… what capabilities does that leave Steel with to deliver for the voters of Orange County?

Must be her proclivity for public corruption and abuse of the taxpayers…

Statement from DCCC Spokesperson Andy Orellana:

“We agree with the National Review: Michelle Steel is not a policy wonk or an impressive political talent.”


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