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The World Republicans Want: Child Rape Victims Flee States, Women Forced to Birth Non-Viable Fetuses and Undergo Invasive Procedure

In the months since the Republican Supreme Court overturned Roeheadline after headline has come out showing us the ugly and heartbreaking reality of the world Republicans made. Unphased by the horrors, Republicans are doubling down on their plan to ban abotion nationwide, proposing further legislation and listing anti-abortion stances in their “Commitment to America” agenda.

Here are some of the latest tragic consequences of anti-abortion Republicans: 

Ohio Capital Journal: Affidavits: More pregnant minors who were raped denied Ohio abortions

  • At least two more minors made pregnant by sexual assault were forced to leave Ohio to avoid having their rapists’ babies, according to sworn affidavits filed by abortion providers.

AP News: They ended wanted pregnancies. Post-Roe, they face new pain.

  • The overturning of Roe is going to force women carrying wanted pregnancies with fatal fetal abnormalities to give birth to a stillborn child. The decision is reopening wounds for women who had to make this decision pre-Dobbs.

  • It’s a side of abortion seldom discussed in national debates — the termination of pregnancies because of fetal anomalies or other often-fatal medical problems. […]

  • In the wake of the high court’s decision, a growing number of women in this smaller group are coming together to support each other and share their voices. They say more people will face the same hurdles they did — traveling long distances, rushing agonizing decisions, navigating a maze of changing abortion restrictions — with an even narrower window for care.

NBC News: Doctors say Graham’s abortion ban would force women to have transvaginal ultrasounds

  • Sen. Lindsey Graham’s national 15-week abortion ban would likely force many women to undergo invasive transvaginal ultrasounds before terminating pregnancies, according to doctors.
  • Because violations of Graham’s proposed 15-week ban would be punishable by up to five years in prison, doctors say the legislation would create a powerful incentive to perform transvaginal ultrasounds to make an age judgment. 

DCCC spokesperson Helen Kalla:
“Republicans want to make these horrific stories every woman’s reality nationwide. Voters will reject Republicans and their heinous plan to rip away our freedoms this November.”


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