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Thin Skin, Thick On Conspiracies: Devin Nunes Files Another Frivolous Lawsuit

Nunes Files His 5th Lawsuit This Year AND the 4th against the Media Decrying Unfair News Coverage and Claiming a Mass Conspiracy against Him

Yesterday, Rep. Devin Nunes turned 46 years old and celebrated his birthday the only way we suspect this corrupt Washington Republican knows how: clogging up the American Judicial system by filing another frivolous lawsuit. THIS TIME, Nunes sued a magazine writer and their publication for detailing how the absent California Congressman’s family had moved its farming operations to Iowa and how Nunes’ no longer had a farming presence in California he could claim.

Nunes’ lawsuit accuses the reporter and his publication of acting as part of a conspiracy to defame Nunes, a charge he has leveled in ALL FOUR of his previous lawsuits filed this year.

BUT facts are facts and the complaint filed by Nunes does not contest any details written about him – AND most importantly it is not clear what act Nunes considers to be unlawful in his lawsuit.

“Another day, another lawsuit, and another attempt by Devin Nunes to declare he’s the victim of supposed conspiracy by honest fact-based journalism,” said DCCC Spokesperson Andy Orellana. “When he is not declaring a legal battle against Twitter and the now viral parody account @devincow or touting the latest conspiracy theory in order to defend the president’s reckless abuses of power, Nunes is deceiving his constituents with an almost pathological avoidance of the voters he is supposed to be representing – Central Valley voters are running out of patience.”

Read more about Nune’s overly litigious ways HERE.


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