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Tick, Tock – Failed Former Congressman David Valadao Staying Silent on President Trump’s Abuse of Powers 

Valadao Didn’t Respond to Request for Comment When Asked About the Impeachment Inquiry

A little over two weeks ago, the American public became aware of the whistleblower complaint detailing efforts by President Trump to not only leverage the American military for his own personal political gain, but abuse the powers of his office and in turn our risking national security.

Just last week, President Trump stood on the South Lawn of the White House and publicly argued that two foreign powers, Ukraine and China, should interfere in the 2020 election.

Then the America public was informed of a series of texts outlining how President Trump was using critical military assistance in order to place pressure on Ukrainian government to deliver on the President’s demand for them to launch politically motivated investigations into his opponent for his own personal and political gain.

But a little over a week ago, the New York Times reported that former Congressman David Valadao when asked to discuss impeachment:

“Mr. Valadao’s campaign didn’t respond to requests for comment.”

On Tuesday, the Trump White House announced that it would not cooperate in any way with House impeachment inquiry. This was following the Trump Administration blocking of the testimony of the Ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sondland and a key Congressional witness.  All of this begs the question – when is enough, enough for David Valadao? At what point will he speak up and take a stand? 

“Despite President Trump asking two foreign countries to interfere in the 2020 election, and despite another unlawful attempt to hide the facts and suppress witnesses testimony – despite all of this, David Valadao has said nothing,” said DCCC Spokesperson, Andy Orellana. “Failed former Congressman Valadao’s strategy has been to stay silent. That is not leadership and that is the precise reason the voters of the Central Valley have rejected David Valadao in the past and will do so again next November – he stands for nothing and stands up for no one.” 


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