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Tick…Tick, Tick…Tick, Tick: As Evidence Mounts and the American Public Weighs in, Failed Former Congressman David Valadao Stays Silent on President Trump Abusing the Powers of the Presidency

Valadao Continues Quest of Dodging and Declining to Comment

Over the last month, the evidence that President Trump abused the powers of his office has mounted by the day, and last week the U.S. House of Representatives voted to move forward an open and transparent inquiry in order to bring the truth to the American people about President Trump’s behavior.

And while David Valadao does his best to avoid questions about whether President Trump has undermined the rule of law, he’s been unable to avoid questions about his own connections to this growing scandal: back when he was a Congressman, Valadao took thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from one of the Ukrainian operatives who was arrested while trying to flee the country. And what were the charges he was he arrested for? Funneling Russian money into the 2018 election. New reporting out this week suggests that Valadao’s campaign donor may even testify before Congress about his role in this growing scandal.

BUT while Valadao claims that foreign intervention in American elections is “completely unacceptable” including in his own election, he has stayed completely silent about whether he believes his campaign donor, tied to the scandal, should testify before Congress about the Trump administration’s solicitation of foreign meddling in America’s next election.

All of this begs the question – when is enough, enough for David Valadao? At what point will he speak up and take a stand?

“If David Valadao truly believes that foreign interventions in American elections is unacceptable, then why has he not called for his own campaign donor to testify after he learned that Lev Parnas was arrested for funneling Russian cash into Republican campaign accounts? The answer is simple, failed Congressman David Valadao continues to put his own ambition and his fealty to President Trump over the rule of law,” said DCCC Spokesperson Andy Orellana.


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