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Tim Walberg Doesn’t Think It’s His Job To Protect Americans from Contaminated Drinking Water

Well this was unexpected: Tim Walberg doesn’t believe it’s his job to protect Americans from contaminated drinking water.

Yes, you heard that right. Over the weekend, self-proclaimed “Arch Conservative” Tim Walberg told a gathering of constituents that the ongoing water crisis and public health disaster in Flint proved to him that “government can’t protect us all,” showing once more that Walberg’s extreme ideology is actually becoming dangerous to his own constituents.

Despite sitting on the very committee holding the Flint water hearings, Walberg continues to dodge all responsibility for Governor Snyder’s absence at these hearings, before reminding voters that his “philosophy is that the federal government takes care of itself first.”

Race-watchers have called Walberg “substantially to the right of this district.” Walberg has consistently been ranked the most conservative member of the Michigan delegation – even refusing to sit next to a Democrat during the President’s State of the Union address.

“‘Arch Conservative’ Tim Walberg is suggesting that it’s just not his job to ensure his constituents have safe drinking water, and has spent the last week claiming he is incapable of getting his own governor to Washington to testify,” said DCCC spokeswoman Sacha Haworth. “Exactly whose responsibility is it then?”


Detroit News: Walberg “Self-Proclaimed Arch Conservative” In 2008, the Detroit News described Walberg as a “self-proclaimed arch conservative.” Walberg was “a traditionalist on social issues. He’s vehemently opposed to abortion and gay marriage and he plays up his support of gun ownership and his NRA endorsement.” [Editorial, Detroit News, 10/20/08]

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