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Today: Martha McSally Flees Arizona to Fundraise with Scandal-Plagued Incumbent in DC

You can learn a lot about Martha McSally and her real priorities by the company she keeps. As Washington Republicans’ hand-picked candidate for Congress, it’s no surprise to see her fundraising in D.C. – but doing so with a scandal-plagued incumbent like Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock tells Southern Arizona voters all they need to know.

Congressman Schock is under a House Ethics investigation for potentially violating federal law by soliciting contributions in excess of individual limits for a super PAC in an effort to prop up fellow Congressman Adam Kinzinger in Kinzinger’s primary battle. The House Ethics Committee extended its review into Schock’s case in February 2013.

“Instead of finally coming clean with Southern Arizonans about her anti-middle class tax plan, support for privatizing Social Security, and eliminating the Department of Education 50 days out from Election Day, Martha McSally took off to DC to fundraise with a scandal-plagued congressman in Washington,” said Tyrone Gayle for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Martha McSally puts special interests and the ultra-wealthy above Southern Arizona, and today is simply the latest sign that she’s wildly out of touch with their values.”


Office of Congressional Ethics: “Substantial Reason to Believe that Representative Schock Violated  Federal Law.” “According to the Office of Congressional Ethics, Schock may have solicited contributions for the Republican super-PAC, Campaign for Primary Accountability, in excess of $5,000 per donor, while raising money for Representative Adam Kinzinger. The Office of Congressional Ethics contended ‘there is substantial reason to believe that Representative Schock violated federal law, House rules and standards of conduct.’” [News-Gazette, 2/08/13]

House Ethics Committee Extended Investigation into Schock in 2013.  “The House Ethics Committee says it will continue an investigation into U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock over allegations the Illinois Republican sought donations of more than $5,000 per donor to a super political action committee. The committee on Wednesday also released a report on Shock’s case from the Office of Congressional Ethics.” [CBS, 2/06/13]


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