House Democrats believe everyone deserves a fair shot at the American Dream. That’s why we’re fighting for working families by lowering costs, protecting the freedom of choice, keeping our communities safe, and fortifying our democracy for generations to come. But extreme House Republicans want to make life harder for working families and small businesses by giving handouts to their rich friends and corporate donors, restricting our fundamental freedoms, and making our communities less safe. 

Taking back the House from the grips of Extreme Republicans is integral to our mission of delivering for working families. Sharing quality, reliable content with friends and family about House Democrats’ accomplishments and how Extreme Republicans harm our community is critical to make this a reality.

In It Together is a hub filled with content that you can download and share on a variety of platforms from social media to family WhatsApp and WeChat groups. It’s up to all of us to take back the House so Democrats can continue putting our communities first.