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Tom Barrett Cashes In on DeVos Family Support Weeks After Backing Betsy DeVos’ Anti-Public Education Petition Effort

MIRS: “Barrett Holds Fundraiser At DeVos Family-Funded Space In D.C.”

In case you missed it, news reports from MIRS and Punchbowl News reveal that Tom Barrett cashed in on his ties to Betsy DeVos’ family with a ritzy Washington, DC fundraiser at a DeVos family-funded space yesterday.

It’s no wonder why the DeVos family is boosting Tom Barrett – just weeks ago he announced his support for an anti-public education petition effort being led by Betsy DeVos.

“Tom Barrett has proven that he’ll support an out-of-touch, Betsy DeVos-backed, anti-public education agenda to fill his campaign coffers,” said DCCC spokesperson Elena Kuhn. “It’s clear Barrett will stand in lockstep with the far-right donors backing his campaign, even if it means selling out Michigan children’s education.”


Punchbowl News: The Tally 

  • This is interesting: Tom Barrett, who is running against Michigan Democratic Rep. Elissa Slotkin, held a fundraiser last night at a home owned by Alticor Inc. Alticor is the DeVos family corporation. The DeVoses are a big force in Michigan politics.

MIRS: Barrett Holds Fundraiser At DeVos Family-Funded Space In D.C.

  • Republican congressional candidate Tom BARRETT (R-Charlotte) was slated to have a Washington D.C. fundraiser thrown in his honor this evening at a townhouse owned by Alticor, the parent company of Amway, owned by the DeVos family.

  • The 5 p.m.-to-6:30 p.m. event is advertised with costing $5,000 for those wanting to be the host. A “co-host” ticket cost $1,000. Those wanting only a ticket could get one for $250.

  • The fundraiser came weeks after Barrett supported a Betsy DeVOS-backed petition effort that opponents said “create(s) a voucher-like school scholarship, which has been criticized for undermining public education.

  • Asked to respond to political attacks on his out-of-down fundraiser, Barrett deadpanned, “Well, it takes money to beat someone building a $10 million warchest.”

  • U.S. Rep. Elissa SLOTKIN (D)  reported having $4.5 million in the bank by the Jan. 31 reporting deadline.


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