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Tom Barrett Must Return Campaign Donations from Disgraced Former MI House Speaker Lee Chatfield Facing Child Sexual Assault Allegations

Tom Barrett has been silent as his friend and former colleague Lee Chatfield is facing credible allegations of sexually assaulting his sister-in-law for over a decade

It’s been over a week since credible allegations emerged that former Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield sexually assaulted his then-underaged sister-in-law for nearly a decade. Despite the disturbing reports detailing Chatfield’s sexual assault and condemnation that has followed, one Michigan Republican has been noticeably silent.

Why hasn’t Tom Barrett, Chatfield’s former colleague and friend, condemned Chatfield’s alleged despicable misconduct? Here’s one reason why: Chatfield has been filling Tom Barrett’s campaign coffers for years to the tune of nearly $13,000.

DCCC Spokesperson Elena Kuhn

“Tom Barrett’s silence in the face of credible allegations that his ally Lee Chatfield sexually abused a minor is another reminder that Barrett lacks the integrity to serve Michiganders in Congress. It’s far past time for Barrett to return the thousands of dollars in political donations from Chatfield which have bankrolled his career.”


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