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Tom Barrett Votes Against MI-07 Manufacturing Jobs AGAIN

Barrett triples down on his “huge political gamble” opposing bipartisan measures to support 5,000 auto jobs in Michigan

Tom Barrett just proved AGAIN he’ll do anything he can to stop job growth in Michigan’s 7th congressional district. This afternoon Barrett voted for the fifth time to oppose bipartisan measures to support 5,000 GM manufacturing jobs in Michigan and build a new EV battery manufacturing plant in Delta Township.

Mid-Michiganders know what a new auto plant means for their community and that it will be a job multiplier and economic engine for MI-07. But instead of supporting bipartisan efforts to stimulate the local economy – Barrett tried to block Michigan jobs again.

“Instead of working with Republicans and Democrats to bring job multipliers to mid-Michigan – including thousands of new GM auto jobs and a new manufacturing plant – Tom Barrett tried to stand in the way of economic growth again,” said DCCC spokesperson Elena Kuhn. “Barrett is once again showing that he’ll always choose his self-serving, toxic brand of politics over common-sense solutions to create jobs in Michigan’s 7th congressional district.”

Tom Barrett will continue to have to answer for his record of opposing Michigan manufacturing jobs in MI-07 all the way until Election Day, as Democrats have launched a billboard ad campaign holding Barrett accountable for trying to block economic growth.

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