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Tom Barrett’s Campaign Attacks General Motors And Michigan Auto Workers

Barrett continues to prove he’s out of step with mid-Michigan as he stands in the way of economic growth and the future of the auto industry

Hours after congressional candidate Tom Barrett voted against bipartisan incentives that would bring thousands of good-paying auto jobs to Michigan, his campaign aide publicly attacked General Motors and the Michigan auto industry.

In response to a tweet from Rep. Elissa Slotkin about state incentives to support the future of the Michigan auto industry, Barrett’s aide questioned why Michigan would “help people who don’t want to be here.” A bipartisan group of state senators clearly thinks otherwise, as today’s incentive package passed with overwhelming support, clearing the way for a major investment from Ford. Like Slotkin, these lawmakers understand that 3,200 jobs and $2 billion in new investments are reason enough to put partisanship aside and secure real wins for the people of mid-Michigan.

This latest slap in the face to Michigan auto workers comes after Barrett tried to block a bipartisan effort to revamp the state’s economic development programs. He also voted against incentives for a General Motors project that will invest $7 billion in mid-Michigan and directly support 5,000 jobs, including almost 2,000 in Barrett’s district. All told, Barrett has stood against $9 billion in Michigan auto investments and 8,200 Michigan auto jobs in the past year alone.

“The Barrett campaign just proved again that they don’t understand what life is like for most Michiganders,” said DCCC spokesperson Elena Kuhn. “Auto manufacturers like General Motors and Ford form the bedrock of many Michigan communities and provide tens of thousands of good-paying union jobs to hard-working families across the state. Michiganders can plainly see that Tom Barrett cannot be trusted to look out for their best interest.”


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