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Tom Garrett Embraces Trump Despite More Allegations Trump is Serial Sexual Predator

In recent days, Trump has been accused of sexually assaulting two women, hitting on 10-year-old girls and walking in on “half-naked” Miss USA contestants

This weekend, Tom Garrett continued to support Donald Trump for President despite shocking video footage that exposed Trump touting regularly groping women without their consent. Many prominent Republicans have at least tried to separate from Trump – but not Tom Garrett. Garrett has proven to be a gutless politician thanks to his continued support for an alleged sexual predator.

Already this week Trump’s alleged history of sexual assault and potentially inappropriate behavior towards underage girls has deepened. Here is what he has been accused of in the last couple of days:

“Tom Garrett is fully supporting an alleged serial sexual predator for President. Let that sink in,” said DCCC Spokesman Jermaine House.  “Tom Garrett lacks the courage to disavow the morally bankrupt and craven behavior by his endorsed candidate Donald Trump. At this point, it’s too late for Tom Garrett to say anything to make up for his enabling of Trump for this long; Garrett is clearly unfit to represent hardworking families in Virginia.”  

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