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Tom Patti Supports Abortion Restrictions. Would He Vote for a Nationwide Abortion Ban?

California voters deserve to know if Patti will support congressional Republicans’ push to ban abortion nationwide

Despite overwhelming public support for abortion access, mere hours after the Supreme Court reversed 50 years of legal precedent and overturned Roe v. Wade, congressional Republicans made clear they will pursue a nationwide abortion ban if they retake majorities in the House this November.

California’s Ninth Congressional District candidate Tom Patti previously asserted his support for abortion restrictions. Following Republicans’ push to impose federal restrictions on abortion access, California voters deserve to know:

Would Tom Patti vote for the nationwide abortion ban supported by his party boss Kevin McCarthy?

DCCC Spokesperson Maddy Mundy
“House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has thrown his support behind a nationwide abortion ban, despite Californians’ overwhelming support for abortion access. As our fundamental rights hang in the balance, California voters deserve to know: will congressional candidate Tom Patti be another vote for a national abortion ban?”


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