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Tommy Tucker has Some Explaining To Do…

Question 1: Please explain the “sexual misconduct allegations” that have been leveled at you by other Republicans

If Tommy Tucker is serious about running in North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District, he’ll need to start by explaining his history of “sexual misconduct” and why he was forced to resign from the Piedmont healthcare board, just 56 days after he was reappointed.

Here’s what fellow Republican and former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr had to say about Mr. Tucker in the Marietta Daily Journal last May.


The allegations of sexual misconduct come in through a side door, via a Republican supporter of Cohen, State Sen. Tommy Tucker. Tucker’s distaste for Cardinal was apparent at a March 26, 2018 news conference he attended and referred to Topping as a “rat.” The reason for such animosity comes into focus upon digging a bit deeper.

Tucker’s presence at the news conference reminded people that Cardinal was formerly was known as Piedmont, a healthcare provider that treated patients in Tucker’s district. In 1999, Tucker served on Piedmont’s board. In December of that year, he became embroiled in allegations of sexual misconduct involving a female board member. Tucker was an elected official; the woman a local government employee. As Alice in Wonderland observed, things become “curiouser and curiouser.”

The Chairman of the Cardinal board ousted by Cohen, Lucy Drake, was also on that Piedmont board with Tucker. It was Drake who had challenged Tucker on the sexual misconduct allegations, and demanded that he be removed from that board. In January of 2000, Tucker was notified by Richard Stone, another elected official, that if Tucker did not resign, Stone would hold an open meeting on the allegations against him. On January 31, 2000, a mere 56 days after having been reappointed to the Piedmont board for a second term, Tucker resigned.


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