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TOMORROW: Scott Baugh Campaigns Alongside Holocaust Denier & White Supremacist Sympathizer Gracey Van Der Mark

CA-47 Republican nominee Scott Baugh is not taking any pains to moderate his extremism now that he has entered general election season. This weekend, Baugh announced he will join Holocaust denier Gracey Van Der Mark, a notorious far-right figure in Orange County, for a campaign event in Huntington Beach.

Van Der Mark garnered national condemnation for her antisemitic, racist, and Islamophobic rhetoric. She promotes the Proud Boys, a violent group implicated in the comprehensive plan to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. Baugh has his own record of perpetuating the Big Lie, refusing to acknowledge Joe Biden legitimately won the 2020 presidential election.

Van Der Mark also claims a troubling history of cavorting with white nationalists and disparaging communities of color at a time when violence against Asian American communities has dramatically spiked. Baugh has been silent on this dangerous trend as he promotes an event with white supremacist sympathizer Van Der Mark.

DCCC spokesperson Maddy Mundy:
“Scott Baugh’s association with a Holocaust denier known for peddling racist conspiracies and associating with violent groups is all the evidence Orange County voters need to reject Baugh and his dangerous agenda. Baugh’s record of perpetuating election conspiracy and refusing to stand up for Orange County’s communities of color utterly disqualifies him from representing this diverse district.”


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