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Trump Backs National Abortion Ban as House Republicans Continue to Fall in Line

After Donald Trump kicked off the new year by celebrating his “miracle” efforts to overturn Roe v. Wade, he is now seeking a national abortion ban.

Trump’s proposed ban comes after the head of the NRCC recently told its most vulnerable members to bend the knee to Trump. House Republicans are falling in line: unanimously backing anti-abortion extremist MAGA Mike Johnson for Speaker and continuing to push anti-abortion bills in Congress.

DCCC Spokesperson Jacob Haython:
“House Republicans want to ban abortion nationwide. It’s that simple. Whether endorsing Trump and his ban or pushing multiple anti-abortion bills on the House floor, they have gone out of their way to attack women’s reproductive rights in Congress. Their extremism will cost them in November as voters once again stand up for their rights and freedoms at the ballot box.”


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