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Trump & House Republicans Break Promise by Sticking American Taxpayers with Bill for Impractical & Unpopular Wall

At press conference Trump refuses to explain how Mexico will ever pay for wall

At today’s press conference, Donald Trump was forced to admit that American taxpayers will be forced to pay for his impractical and unpopular wall, which supports recent indications from House Republicans that their party plans to charge taxpayers for this project via their budget.

While he reiterated his absurd claim that Mexico will ultimately pay for it, neither Trump nor House Republicans have laid out how they will do that. As was recently reported, making Americans pay for the wall “would break a key campaign promise” that Trump Republicans made.

“House Republicans and Donald Trump have wasted no time in breaking their promise to voters by preparing to waste massive amounts of American taxpayer money on an infeasible wall instead of focusing on rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, creating jobs, and more effective approaches to improving our national security,” said DCCC Spokesman Tyler Law.

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