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TRUMP/KING 2020? President Trump to Fundraise with Congressman Steve King in West Des Moines Today

President Trump will be in West Des Moines for a private fundraiser today where he will be joined by none other than Iowa’s only remaining Republican Congressman, Steve King.

King and the President have a longstanding friendship. In 2014, Trump endorsed King’s congressional candidacy in West Des Moines saying, “I’m here to support Steve King—a special guy, a smart person with, really, the right views on almost everything.”

As Politico reported last week:


While King has been largely ostracized in the GOP there is at least one party leader who he feels hasn’t abandoned him: President Donald Trump.

Trump, who has swatted down accusations of racism himself, dodged questions about King earlier this year, saying he didn’t follow the controversy.

King, however, said he was “satisfied” with the president’s response, and pointed out that he was invited to an immigration event at the White House just a few weeks ago.

“The president and I are okay,” King said. “If you notice, he’s not been part of this.”

King will have another opportunity to appear alongside Trump next week, when he attends an Iowa GOP fundraiser in the Hawkeye state where the president will also be in attendance.


“Whether they’re rubbing elbows with wealthy Republican donors or working together in Washington to rip health care away from Iowans with pre-existing conditions, Congressman Steve King and President Trump are two peas in a pod,” said DCCC Spokesperson Brooke Goren.


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