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Trump-King Trade War Wages On

Peter King Sides with Trump on Tariffs Despite Real Impact on Long Island Businesses

Here we go again…

The Tweeter-in-Chief threatened China with possible tariffs on “at least” another $300 billion worth of good, further escalating tension in the trade war between the two countries and Congressman Pete King (NY-02) is all in.

From groceries to cars and vans to electronics, life is about to get more expensive for many Americans. Businesses on Long Island have already been hurt by Trump’s trade war, but to King “tariffs can be helpful, it’s a weapon the President should have.”


After Trump’s first round of tariffs on China last year, Newsday documented the negative effect they had on Long Island businesses and consumers. “Some of the island’s best-known employers are struggling with the new tariffs,” including the Nature’s Bounty Co., which faced price increases on raw materials. This prominent company employs over 2,000 people at its headquarters in Peter King’s district and at its facilities across Suffolk.

And what was Peter King’s response when his constituents faced increased costs while businesses struggled and the possibility of layoffs grew? Did he stand up to Trump on behalf of Long Islanders and say no to more tariffs?

Nope. In fact, he did quite the opposite. King instead co-sponsored the U.S. Reciprocal Trade Act, which would give Trump “expansive new power” to raise tariffs even more. King is one of a small group of co-sponsors of this measure, which other Republicans and business groups have strongly criticized.

And that’s not all. King has been unwilling to speak out against Trump’s most recent proposals to raise tariffs on Mexico. King has acknowledged the harmful impact of tariffs on Long Island and offered up empty words on concern but ultimately believes, “if the President want to do it, I think we should support him.”

It’s clear that King is supporting Trump at the expense of his own constituents living in uncertainty as this war wages on.

“Long Island families don’t want to be collateral damage in Donald Trump’s twitter beef with China and Mexico, and they deserve a representative who will stand up for them. Instead, Peter King has been quietly trying to expand Trump’s power to continue increasing tariffs as his own constituents pay the price.” said DCCC Spokesperson Christine Bennett.


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