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Tyler Kistner Cowers After Reports That Supreme Court Plans to Overturn Roe v. Wade

Despite Kistner’s best attempts hide his record from Minnesotans, he supports an extreme “100% pro-life” agenda

In the wake of the draft Supreme Court decision that would end the right to an abortion, Republican Tyler Kistner has gone radio silent on the radical Republican agenda.

Kistner previously said he’s “100% pro-life.” But now as GOP leader Mitch McConnell said a nationwide abortion ban is “possible,” Kistner is nowhere to be found.

Here’s one reason why Kistner is running away in retreat: recent polling shows that 60% of Minnesota voters say abortion should be legal in most or all cases. No wonder Kistner is afraid to comment.

DCCC Spokesperson Elena Kuhn:

“As women’s reproductive rights are threatened by extremist Republicans across the country, Tyler Kistner is too afraid to be honest about his support for his party’s out-of-touch agenda.”


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