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UNHINGED: Claudia Tenney Threatens Young Journalist

Tenney Berates Teenager, Threatens to Take Him to Court

This is pretty low, even for Claudia Tenney.

The failed former Congresswoman, who has been called a “national embarrassment” by a fellow Republican, is now living up to her reputation by threatening a sixteen-year-old investigative journalist.

Living up to her “bombastic reputation,” “history of controversial remarks,” and anti-press sentiments,  Tenney accused young, scrappy, reporter Luke Radel of slander, making not so veiled threats to sue him if he didn’t retract comments he made on a popular morning radio show.

The ex-lawmaker phoned Luke Radel while he was enjoying time with his family and hung up on him. And in a truly bizarre move, she berated the young reporter via text:

“In the text message, she says that she listened to a recent interview he had given on the Bill Keeler Show and said, ‘You may want to publicly retract your statements as you are very close to slander.’

She recommends he, ‘Run it by [his] lawyer parents.’

Then says closes with, ‘Good thing you are 16.’” 


“Going after a teenage reporter for reporting accurately is truly unhinged, but totally on brand for Claudia Tenney,” said DCCC Spokesperson Christine Bennett. “When confronted with the truth about her lackluster record in Congress, Claudia lashes out. Luke Radel is a tough but fair reporter who is doing his job holding everyone accountable. Shame on you Ms. Tenney.”


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