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UPDATE: John Katko Falls In Line After Taxpayer-Funded Retreat Designed To “Woo GOP Lawmakers During Impeachment”

John Katko Follows GOP Talking Points, Ignores Facts in Trump’s Abuse of Power Scheme

Last month, we asked whether Congressman John Katko would succumb to pressure from Donald Trump and ignore the facts of his Ukrainian bribery scandal following a trip to Camp David, and it looks like we’ve got our answer.

According to the Washington Post, these Camp David “retreats”, which are funded by the American taxpayers, are designed to get Republicans in line with the President’s message as the impeachment inquiry reveals the depths of his abuses of power.

Trump’s acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney suggested the “unusual idea at the start of the House impeachment inquiry” of using the presidential retreat to “woo House Republicans.”

Predictably, nearly a month after Katko’s visit and after two weeks of compelling testimony, the vulnerable Republican Congressman continues to not only ignore the facts, but to sweep them under the rug.

REMINDER: While Katko gave the press a read-out from Camp David, he appears to have left out some critical details about the retreat’s real focus. According to reporting and first-hand accounts from now-retiring New York Republican Pete King, and now the Washington Post, impeachment was a major topic on the weekend’s agenda.

“Congressman John Katko’s trip to Camp David has proven very fruitful for President Trump,” said DCCC spokesperson Christine Bennett. “John Katko continues to ignore compelling testimony and sweep key facts under the rug, which is exactly what Donald Trump wants from his allies in the House GOP. It’s clear that John Katko is nothing more than President Trump’s lackey.”


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