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Upton Retirement Watch: One More Week Down

It’s been one week since Congressman Fred Upton hedged again on his retirement plans, saying he would “…make that decision in the next couple of weeks.”

It’s been four months since Upton told the Wall Street Journal he would make a decision “in a couple months.”

This ever-changing timeline from Upton comes as he’s faced increasing scrutiny from voters who are tired of seeing him cave time and again to the GOP establishment after fancy dinners at the Trump hotel and photo-ops.

Notably, Upton announced his 2018 re-election bid in November of 2017.

“If this is the level of decisiveness Upton brings to Congress it’s no wonder Michigan voters are ready for an escape,” said DCCC spokesperson Sarah Guggenheimer. “Upton’s months-long procrastination begs the question: what’s changed to make Upton delay his decision by so much more than in past cycles?”

If Upton does retire, he’ll join the 26 other Republicans and the 7 other members of the DCCC’s 2020 Retirement Watch List to call it quits this cycle.


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