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VIDEO: Peter Roskam Refuses to Denounce Roy Moore!

Today, during an editorial board interview with Crain’s Chicago that was broadcast over Facebook Live, Rep. Peter Roskam refused to denounce Republican Senate Candidate Roy Moore, who last week was revealed to have likely had sexual relationships with multiple minors.

Members of the editorial board asked Roskam one simple question several times, asking about whether he has a “moral obligation to say something” about someone accused of “unspeakable acts.” Over and over (six times to be exact) Roskam dodged the questions, saying “I’m here to talk about taxes.” One editorial board member is heard saying “Wow” as the conversation closed.

“That Representative Peter Roskam feels an obligation to argue for tax cuts for the rich and big corporations, but not denounce a likely child molester tells you everything you need to know about his priorities,” DCCC spokesperson Jacob Peters said. “This is disgraceful, and Roskam’s Chicagoland constituents deserve a clear answer on a very simple question: does Rep. Peter Roskam really stand with a likely child molester who is running for the U.S. Senate as his party’s nominee?”

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