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“Vile and Disgusting”: The VA-05 GOP Primary Turns Nasty

The gloves have come off in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District GOP primary between Bob Good and Congressman Denver Riggleman.

Seemingly aware that his entire district’s GOP committee has utterly turned on him, Riggleman has gone negative, blasting Good in a direct to camera video and in an email accusing Good of “voter intimidation.”

This accusation comes weeks after Good claimed he’d secured a majority of nominating convention delegates and just days after Good’s FEC filings showed he not only received another donation from a district committee member, but now two of them are on Good’s payroll!

The details around the date and method of the Republicans’ nominating convention have still yet to be determined. But once they do, sparks are going to fly.

DCCC Spokesperson Sarah Guggenheimer issued the following statement:

“As the ultra-conservative, out-of-touch Bob Good continues to gain support and the lawsuit threats fly one thing’s for sure: thanks to manipulation and blatant opposition from the Virginia GOP, Denver Riggleman is in trouble. And he knows it.”



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