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Walkaway Juan Ciscomani Runs from Voter to Avoid Answering Abortion Question

New video shows Ciscomani’s campaign staff surrounding him and escorting him away when a voter asks about his stance on abortion

He’s running. Away from voters who ask him questions about his position on abortion, that is.

In a new video, Juan Ciscomani is seen being asked a question about abortion from a voter, who says, “I just had some questions about the abortion issue… To be honest, I’m an independent, I’m on the fence […] So my question is, what’s your feeling about it?”

Instead of answering the question, Ciscomani shoots pleading looks to his campaign staff, who dutifully surround him. “Give me one second,” Ciscomani tells the voter, before walking briskly out of the event and towards the parking lot. One of the attendees says, “What, is he gonna walk away?” after watching him go.

There’s a reason why Walkaway Juan Ciscomani won’t answer questions about abortion – and it’s because he knows he’ll have to answer for his agenda to outlaw abortion at the ballot box this November.

“Juan Ciscomani can’t defend his record of outlawing abortion, so he’s running away tail between his legs,” said DCCC spokesperson Monica Robinson. “If Ciscomani is too cowardly to look a voter in the eye and explain why he wants to rob Arizona women of their right to make their own health care decisions, he doesn’t deserve to be in Congress.”


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