Do Washington Republicans Agree With President Trump That Testing The Wealthy First For Coronavirus Is The “Story Of Life”?

As working Americans continue to struggle to get tested for the coronavirus, President Trump told reporters on Wednesday that it is the “story of life” that wealthy people are being tested first.


“Countries around the world have worked to make tests available to all of their citizens – not just the wealthy,” said DCCC Spokesperson Robyn Patterson. “It’s unacceptable that working Americans are still struggling to get tested for COVID-19 and that President Trump thinks that, while he bears no responsibility, it’s simply the ‘story of life.’ The American people deserve to know if Washington Republicans agree with him.”

Last week, Trump stated that he should “not take responsibility” for administration failures to make coronavirus tests available to Americans across the country.

Lack of testing has been widely blamed for the U.S.’ failure to contain the outbreak. Despite being warned in January about the need for coronavirus tests, the U.S. has continued to lag behind other developed nations in testing its citizens.

Watch Trump Call Testing Inequity The “Story Of Life”


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