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Washington Republicans’ Circular Firing Squad

Bacon: “If we get in a circular firing squad like we’ve been doing, it’s gonna hurt us.”

Washington Republicans are hopelessly divided and are devolving into a circular firing squad over who is to blame as the QAnon mob takes over their party. Now vulnerable Members of the Washington Republican caucus are squirming as they realize the position Minority Leader McCarthy has put them in – just ask Congressman Don Bacon who told POLITICO this morning that “If we get in a circular firing squad like we’ve been doing, it’s gonna hurt us.

That poses a real threat to Washington Republicans’ political future, particularly as new polling from Morning Consult shows Marjorie Taylor Greene has grown her foothold with the Republican base and is now better known to voters than the Minority Leader she has refashioned as a doormat.

But more importantly, it puts Americans’ lives at risk as the NRCC begs for financial support from full time conspiracist and part time Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene and her QAnon mob that stormed the Capitol, murdered a police officer and left five dead.

But as Republicans lock in to their circular firing squad, searching for where to cast blame for their weakness rather than exorcising violent QAnon conspiracists from their party, Democrats are working to pass a COVID relief package that has earned overwhelming bipartisan support (outside Washington, of course).


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