Washington Republicans Give President Trump Another Chance To Incite A Violent Mob

197 Washington Republicans Vote “No” on bipartisan impeachment after Trump and Republican Party leadership incite a violent mob that left a police officer murdered and five dead

Once again, the vast majority of Washington Republicans are refusing to hold President Trump accountable for inciting an insurrectionist mob, instead choosing to give him a chance to create more violence and put more Americans in harm’s way by opposing an impeachment charge with bipartisan support, including the highest ranking woman in the Republican House minority.

This comes, despite Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s admission that President Trump was responsible for Wednesday’s insurrection at the Capitol that killed five individuals including a Capitol Police officer. And it comes as reports suggest more state capitols will be targeted by violent mobs around the country.

This is not the first time the vast majority of House Republicans have stood with the insurrectionist mob and against the U.S. Constitution. Immediately following Wednesday’s violent attack, 138 Republicans sided with the mob and voted to overturn the will of American voters, baselessly opposing certification of the presidential vote in key states that supported President-elect Biden in November.

And before the insurrectionist mob’s assault on the Capitol, multiple members of Minority Leader McCarthy’s caucus called on Trump supporters to “threaten” their members of Congress, “march on the Capitol” and “commit street violence”.

“Once again, Washington Republicans are refusing to hold President Trump accountable for the five Americans killed – including a Capitol Police officer – at the hands of the insurrectionist mob they helped incited at the U.S. Capitol. With this vote, Washington Republicans chose the insurrectionist mob over the U.S. Constitution,” said DCCC Spokesperson Cole Leiter.


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