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WATCH “BONUS CHECKS”: DCCC Collaborates with Comedy Writers & Producers on Latest Healthcare & Tax Scam Digital Ad

Ad exposes the healthcare hatchet job within the Republican Tax Scam

Further spotlights DCCC’s focus on producing creative digital content  

Watch Bonus Checks

As part of a larger digital ad campaign, the DCCC today released a new digital ad titled “Bonus Checks” to expose how the House Republicans’ tax scam gives massive handouts to corporations and balloons the deficit while making affordable healthcare – including Medicare – less attainable for hardworking Americans. Remember that immediately after the tax scam passed, House Republicans set their sights on cuts to “Medicare, Social Security.”

The second in a series, the ad was written and directed by comedy writer/producer Ben Wexler, whose credits include Arrested Development, Funny or Die, Community, and other television shows and movies. Hans Sahni and Rob Hatch-Miller, who have worked on Funny or Die, Comedy Central and more, also co-produced the ad. “Bonus Checks” will begin running May 4th on Facebook and Google Search.

“While Americans face skyrocketing healthcare costs and stagnant wages, House Republicans are giving handouts to the rich and large corporations,” said DCCC Spokesman Tyler Law. “Our latest digital ad is a continuation of our campaign to hold Republicans accountable for a fiscally reckless and morally bankrupt tax scam.”

In case you missed the first ad in the series, take a minute watch “Diamond Teeth”.

The most recent polling shows the tax scam remains politically toxic for House Republicans heading into the midterms.

Gallup [April 2-11, 2018]:

  • 52% of Americans disapprove of the law
  • 56% of Americans are not sure what the effect has been on their own taxes

NBC/WSJ poll [April 8–11, 2018]

  • Just 27% of Americans think the GOP Tax bill is a good idea
  • 53% of Americans believe the impact of the bill will be “more of a negative” because it will benefit the wealthy and corporations.

Politico/Morning Consult [April 19-23, 2018]

  • 55% of the people surveyed said they did not notice a boost in their paychecks over the last few weeks because of the tax bill


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