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WATCH: First DCCC Ad in MI-03: Peter Meijer Doesn’t Get It

Ad Highlights Meijer’s Promise to Repeal the Affordable Care Act

Today, the DCCC released its first TV ad in Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District, “Struggling,” as part of a more than half a million dollar reservation in the Grand Rapids market in the weeks leading up to the election. This ad follows the nonpartisan elections forecaster Inside Elections shifting this race to a “Toss Up.”

Peter Meijer pledged to repeal the Affordable Care Act if elected, even though our country is in the midst of a pandemic. If Meijer had his way, the more than 300,000 Michiganders in the 3rd District with a pre-existing condition would be at risk of losing their care or being charged more. But that’s no difference for Meijer who has his $50 million-plus trust fund to rescue him if he gets sick.


Statement from DCCC Spokesperson Courtney Rice:

“Peter Meijer just doesn’t get it, and that makes sense when you remember he has a $50 million trust fund to fall back on. Why else would he support repealing the Affordable Care Act, with its protections for Michiganders with pre-existing conditions, during a deadly pandemic that has cost over 200,000 lives and left millions out of work?”



A lot of Michigan families are struggling.

But Peter Meijer has a fifty-million-dollar trust fund and doesn’t care about us.

Peter Meijer promised to “fully repeal” our health care protections, letting insurance companies “deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions” and charge older Americans five times more – an “age tax.”

That’s a lot of money for those of us who don’t have fifty-million-dollar trust funds.

Peter Meijer just doesn’t get it.


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