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WATCH: First DCCC TV Ad in PA-10: Scott Perry Just Doesn’t Care About South Central Pennsylvanians

First DCCC TV Ad in PA-10 Highlights Congressman Scott Perry’s Record of Taking Drug and Industry Money, and Voting in Their Favor

Today, the DCCC released its first ad in Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District, “Price Gouging,” highlighting how Scott Perry consistently prioritizes the drug and insurance industry that funds his campaign over South Central Pennsylvanians. The ad airs beginning today in the Harrisburg media market.

Over his career, Perry has taken more than $100,000 from the drug and insurance industries and he votes their way in Washington – including voting for the Republican tax scam that handed big drug companies forty billion in tax giveaways and against a bipartisan bill to lower the cost of prescription drugs.

Perry’s Big Pharma allies are intent on keeping him in Congress so he’ll keep voting their way. That’s why pharma-funded groups have already spent more than $200,000 propping up Perry, trying to distract voters from his votes that prioritize their corporate bottom line above the constituents he’s supposed to represent.

“Congressman Scott Perry is too busy collecting cash from the drug and insurance industry that fills his campaign coffers to go to bat for working families in South Central Pennsylvania,” said DCCC Spokesperson Courtney Rice. “It’s clear Perry has sold out to the corporate special interests in Washington. That’s why he’s voted to keep drug prices high while giving his donors a massive tax break.”

Watch “Price Gouging” HERE and read the transcript below.


Perry’s prescription price gouging.

Scott Perry’s campaign took over a hundred grand from the drug and insurance industries.

And Scott Perry gave the drug companies more than forty billion dollars in tax breaks, and voted against letting Medicare negotiate lower drug prices.

Scott Perry didn’t care that Pennsylvanians would pay higher drug prices… he got his campaign money.

Scott Perry just doesn’t care about us.

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