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WATCH: Majewski Clearly Still Tied to QAnon

QAnon supporter J.R. Majewski proved once again he is blatantly lying when he claims that he has nothing to do with QAnon.

While meeting with voters in Toledo yesterday, J.R. Majewski called known QAnon influencer Zak Paine, aka “Redpill78” to introduce him to a voter. Despite insisting he has no ties to the conspiracy movement, Majewski says he calls Paine often when meeting people who follow the QAnon influencer.

Let’s not forget, Zak Paine (aka Redpill78) is a known QAnon influencer who was banned from multiple platforms for promoting dangerous QAnon lies.

This is one of many instances of Majewski and Paine appearing together in support of QAnon, including in DC together en route to the Stop the Steal Rally on January 6th.

DCCC Spokesperson Nebeyatt Betre:
“J.R. Majewski is QAnon to his core, and continues to embrace their biggest influencers and dangerous rhetoric. He is a liar, unfit for office, and unwilling to be honest with Northwest Ohio voters.”


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