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WATCH: New DCCC Ad: Dangerous Dan Rodimer Is “Not Just A Big Meathead,” But So Much Worse

Rodimer Hit Someone So Hard He Caused A Brain Bleed

Two People Have Even Called the Police on Rodimer, For A Domestic Disturbance and Stealing

Today, the DCCC launched a new ad in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District, “Not Just a Meathead,” which highlights just some of dangerous Dan Rodimer’s record of violence and criminal behavior.

Dan Rodimer’s criminal rap sheet includes being witnessed outside of a Florida night club hitting someone so hard that he caused a brain bleed. And it was by Rodimer’s own admission that he was described as armed and dangerous according to Florida police warrants for his arrest. Rodimer is so violent and dangerous that two people have called the police on Rodimer for domestic disturbance and stealing.


Statement from DCCC Spokesperson Andy Orellana:

“Dangerous Dan Rodimer is right about one thing – he is more than ‘just a big meat head’ – he is someone who has a long history of violence and criminality and is dangerous to those around him including Southern Nevadans. Rodimer’s long and violent record makes it abundantly clear that he is completely unfit to represent Nevada in Congress, or anyplace else.”

Ad script:

NARRATOR: Dan Rodimer wants you to know something:

Rodimer: “I’m not just a big meat head.”

NARRATOR: He’s right.

According to a witness, it was Rodimer who hit someone so hard he caused a brain bleed.

It was Rodimer who was listed as “armed or dangerous” in a police warrant.

And two people have called the police on Rodimer, for a domestic disturbance, and stealing.

So no, Dan Rodimer’s no meat head. 

He’s something much worse than that.

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