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WATCH: New DCCC Ad Highlights Rocky Chavez’s Broken Promises to California Taxpayers

DCCC TV Ad Highlights Chavez’s Support for Raising Costs on Working Californians

Today in California’s 49th Congressional District, the DCCC announced a new television ad targeting Rocky Chavez for breaking his pledge to not raise taxes and costs on California families. The ad is set to air on May 15th.

Specifically, the DCCC highlights that, despite pledging to never raise taxes and oppose more wasteful spending, Chavez voted for the largest budget in California state history and more. Click HERE to watch the television ad.

“Californians deserve leaders who keep their word, not more career politicians who promise voters one thing and do another in Sacramento. Rocky Chavez’s record of tax hikes on working Californians speaks for itself,” said Drew Godinich, DCCC spokesperson.


“Knock Out”

On raising your taxes, he’s: Rocky. Rocky Chavez promised he’d never raise taxes and would oppose wasteful spending. Then Rocky did the opposite. Chavez voted for the biggest budget in state history that spends one hundred eighty-three billion of your money. And Chavez even voted to raise your gas and energy costs. On spending your money and costing you even more, Rocky Chavez’s broken promises will knock you out.

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