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WATCH: New DCCC Ad Highlights Scott Baugh’s Record of Campaign Corruption & Fraud

As Baugh Claims He’ll “Change The Corrupt Culture in Washington”, DCCC Calls Him Out for Illegal Donations, Election Rigging & Alleged Credit Card Fraud

Today in California’s 48th Congressional District, the DCCC announced a new television ad targeting Scott Baugh for his long record of alleged election fraud and campaign finance violations. The ad is set to air on May 15th.

Specifically, the DCCC calls out Baugh for his role in a plot to allegedly rig an election in his favor, and he eventually admitted to 9 violations of California’s Political Reform Act and was forced to pay a $47,900 penalty. Baugh was also accused of committing credit card fraud and admitted to taking $8,800 from a campaign contributor to whom he secretly funneled campaign dollars. Click HERE to watch the television ad.

This ad is especially timely given the fact that Baugh is running his own ad claiming he’ll “change the corrupt culture in Washington, DC”, which is a hard sell in light of the facts the DCCC ad lays out.

“Orange County doesn’t need another self-serving politician like Scott Baugh, whose record of alleged credit card fraud, election-rigging, and illegally accepting campaign donations disqualify him from representing Southern Californians in Washington,” said Drew Godinich, DCCC spokesperson.



 A record that reads more like a rap sheet. Self-serving politician Scott Baugh. Baugh was accused of credit-card fraud and illegally accepted nearly nine thousand dollars in campaign cash from his partner in the alleged scheme. Baugh was even charged with four felonies in connection with an investigation into an election-rigging scheme. And was forced to pay nearly forty-eight thousand dollars in fines for eleven violations of campaign laws. Politician Scott Baugh. Washington’s so corrupt…he’d fit right in.

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