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WATCH: New DCCC Ad: Kean Jr. Can’t Deliver

Ad Comes Days After Kean Jr. Fumbled in First Debate

Kean Jr.’s Record on Health Care and Special Interest Ties Disqualifying

Today, the DCCC released its second ad in New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District, highlighting why Tom Kean Jr. isn’t cut out for Congress. The ad, “Not Up for the Job,” begins airing just two days after Kean Jr. lied about his health care record in the first debate of the general election.

Tom Kean Jr.’s record on health care and special interest ties are disqualifying.

Throughout his career, Kean Jr. pocketed almost $1 million in donations from the insurance, health care, and drug manufacturing industries. In turn, Kean Jr. voted against a plan that would control the rising cost of insurance rates and voted in support of the lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act.

Kean Jr. has repeatedly—including in Sunday’s debate—bashed bipartisan efforts to lower prescription drug costs, parroting talking points from big drug manufacturers.

Kean Jr.’s bad for health care and bad for New Jersey. He’s not up for the job.


“Tom Kean Jr. is bad for health care and bad for New Jersey,” said DCCC Spokesperson Christine Bennett. “His votes against expanding health care coverage and continued opposition to bipartisan efforts to lower the costs of prescription drugs tells us everything we need to know about how he’ll govern in Washington. As long as Kean Jr. is working for the corporate special interests funding his campaign, he can’t work for us. He’s just not up for the job.”


Tom Kean, Jr’s got one thing right.

“We need a congressman who works for all of us.”

“All of us” (repeats)

But Kean only works for the corporate special interests.

Kean opposed a plan to lower our health insurance rates…

Supported a lawsuit that would gut coverage for preexisting conditions…

…And Kean opposed a bill lowering drug prices

We need a Member of Congress who will look out for us…

… but Tom Kean, Jr. just can’t deliver.


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