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WATCH: New DCCC Spanish TV Ad Highlights Corrupt Career Politician David Valadao’s Record Serving as a Puppet for Trump and Voting Against the Health Care Of Central Valley Families

Today, the DCCC launched its first Spanish language TV ad of the general election in California’s 21st Congressional District. The ad titled “Puppet,” highlights rejected Congressman David Valadao’s record of working for the rich and following Trump’s lead every step of the way by voting against protections for people with pre-existing conditions like coronavirus, against Central Valley seniors, endangering their Medicare and Social Security, and voting against lowering the cost of their medication.

It’s clear rejected Congressman Valadao is as partisan as they get, serving as Trump’s puppet and voting with him 98 percent of the time. As Central Valley families struggle in midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the last thing they need back in their lives is a rejected Congressman who voted to rip health care away from over 60,000 of his own constituents.

Watch “Puppet” Here

Statement from DCCC Spokesperson Fabiola Rodriguez:

Time after time, rejected Congressman David Valadao voted in lock step with Donald Trump even when it meant voting against protections for people with pre-existing conditions and gutting the health care of over 60,000 people in his own community. Make no mistake, come November Valadao will yet again suffer the consequences of choosing to serve as Trump’s puppet rather than fighting for the needs of Central Valley families.”

Ad Script:


David Valadao es un típico republicano que trabaja para los ricos y le sigue la corriente a Trump.
Votó en contra de protecciones para personas con enfermedades preexistentes como el coronavirus.
Votó en contra de nuestros familiares de la tercera edad, poniendo en peligro su Medicare y Seguro Social.
Hasta votó en contra de reducir el costo de sus medicamentos.
No necesitamos a un títere de Trump en el Congreso. Necesitamos a un aliado que esté de nuestro lado, como TJ Cox.


DCCC es responsable por el contenido de este anuncio.

English Translation


David Valadao is a typical Republican who works for the rich and follows Trump’s lead.

He voted against protections for people with pre-existing conditions like coronavirus.

He voted against our senior family members, endangering their Medicare and Social Security.

He even voted against lowering the cost of their medications.

We don’t need Trump’s puppet in Congress. We need an ally who will be by our side, like TJ Cox.


DCCC is responsible for the content of this advertising.


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