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WATCH: New DCCC TV Ad Highlighting Millionaire Mike Garcia’s Record of Supporting Big Corporations Over Californians During The Pandemic

Garcia Voted to Let Big Corporations Cut In Line For Economic Relief

Supports Tax Giveaways for Himself and Big Corporations, But Raising Taxes on California Homeowners

Today, the DCCC launched a new TV ad in California’s 25th Congressional District, “Pandemic” which highlights millionaire Mike Garcia’s record during this pandemic of voting to let big corporation get economic relief over California small businesses in need, and supporting a GOP tax giveaway to corporate executives and millionaires like himself while raising taxes on local homeowners.

As hardworking Southern California small businesses are struggling to make ends meet and stay open amid economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, Mike Garcia voted to allow big corporations to secretly take COVID relief loans meant for small businesses in Southern California. Garcia even supports giving huge tax giveaways to benefit corporate execs and millionaires like himself, even though it raised taxes on California homeowners at a time when working families are already struggling.


Statement from DCCC Spokesperson Andy Orellana:

“Southern California small businesses are struggling right now as they face the severe economic challenges brought on by the pandemic. But when Southern Californians need someone to understand their challenges and fight for them, Mike Garcia has showed he is just out for himself. Garcia voted to let big corporations secretly get ahead of local small business owners, and Garcia even supports tax giveaways for corporate execs and millionaires like himself even though it raised taxes on Southern California homeowners. That’s not the fighter Southern California families need right now.”



After the pandemic hit…

Millionaire Congressman Mike Garcia turned his back on us.

He supported letting big corporations secretly take COVID relief loans meant for small businesses right here in our community.

Garcia even supports huge tax giveaways that benefit corporate CEOs like himself.

Even though they raised taxes on local homeowners… at a time when families are already struggling.

Mike Garcia. 

He said he’d fight for us.

But he’s just out for himself.

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