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WATCH: New DCCC TV Ad Reminds Nebraskans They Can’t Trust Don Bacon

Today, the DCCC released its latest TV ad in Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District, “Harder,” highlighting how Don Bacon’s agenda will hurt Nebraskans, especially during a pandemic.

After taking more than $274,000 from the insurance industry, Don Bacon has openly advocated for raising the retirement age and his plan could result in Nebraska seniors losing the Social Security benefits they’ve earned, even during a pandemic. On top of that, Bacon’s “Hell Yes” vote to gut protections for pre-existing conditions and force 175,500 off their health care would also institute an Age Tax for Nebraska seniors, where insurance companies could “charge people over 50 over five times more than they charge other people.”

The ad begins airing today in the Omaha media market.

Watch “Harder” Here

“Congressman Don Bacon works for his corporate special interest donors, not Nebraskans,” said DCCC Spokesperson Sarah Guggenheimer. “Another term with Don Bacon means another term of Bacon advocating for raising the retirement age, cutting Social Security benefits, and ‘hell yes’ votes to institute an Age Tax. Bacon’s agenda for Nebraska seniors is out of touch and out of step.”

Ad Transcript:

Voiceover: It’s been hard lately on Nebraskans

And with Congressman Bacon working for the special interests, it’s only getting harder

Because Bacon supports raising the Social Security retirement age

Bacon: “I support adjusting the retirement age”

Voiceover: And Bacon’s plan could cut Social Security benefits Nebraskans earned

He even bragged about voting “hell yes” to an “age tax” on health care

Congressman Bacon works for the special interests, not us


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