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WATCH: New DCCC Vietnamese and English TV Ads Highlight Michelle Steel’s Record as Orange County’s Most Corrupt Career Politician

Marks the First Vietnamese Language TV Ad Ever By DCCC IE

Today, the DCCC launched its first TV ads in California’s 48th Congressional District, “Rules,” which highlights Michelle Steel’s record as Orange County’s most corrupt career politician with a long record of corrupt politics and cronyism at the expense of Orange County families.

Steel has spent a career in Orange County politics thinking the rules the rest of us follow don’t apply to her. As two of Steel’s campaign co-chairs were embroiled in a scandal with accusations of “corruption, deception and rampant misconduct,” Steel worked to help her political pals out. Steel even went so far as to vote to defund the office that was actively investigating her two closest political allies.

Watch “Rules” in English Here, or Above

Watch “Rules” in Vietnamese Here

Statement from DCCC Spokesperson Andy Orellana:

“Michelle Steel’s crooked record of only looking out for herself and her political allies, tells the voters all they need to know – Michelle Steel is Orange County’s most corrupt career politician. After all these years in Orange County politics, Steel thinks the rules the rest of us follow don’t apply to her, and that if she went to Washington she would only look out for herself and her political pals, not everyday families.”


It was a local scandal that made national headlines.

Accusations of “corruption” … “deception” …

… And “rampant misconduct.”

And Michelle Steel’s former campaign co-chairs were at the center of it all.

But Steel voted to defund the anti-corruption unit in Orange County.

A move that could have protected her political allies.

Orange County’s had enough corruption…

And we’ve had enough Michelle Steel.

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